Understanding the Colors of Life

Understanding the Colors of Life

Although we may have some genetic knowledge at birth, we do not exactly understand the world around us. However, once we come into this world more firmly (growing up), we start to learn. And that's where it all starts.

We start experiencing all the colors of life. And we start developing an attitude around it. 

Surrounding yourself with things and people is something we know. It's not like we are monotonous hermits not noticing anything around. On the contrary, we all want positivity around us. But magically, we are somehow driven towards the opposite. Why is it like that? Because we people are sponges. We soak up whatever we see or whatever someone else is saying around us. So if we spend time with someone else that is pretty pessimistic, guess what - that's precisely how we will feel. We will pick up other negatives that surround us, and it will affect our attitude. But of course, if we surround ourselves with positive people, our attitude will be positive. We are not here to tell you that you need to know distance yourself from negativity if you don't want to, but for sure, if you don't want that spirit around you, you should probably think about skipping that type of person, place, or thing that is making you a bit funky. 

Rainbow as continuation

Though nothing in this life is inevitable, we choose to continue. Or we decide to stay in a negative space or continue to progress to a different stage in life. The that one - one we all find good things in it, and it brings smiles to our faces. The one that makes us feel alive. Both stages, staying or moving forward, are a continuation. By definition, continuation is the act of carrying on. Usually, people carry on when they realize they need to step up from something dragging them down. So we question what is stopping us from becoming stagnant in the face of uncertainty? We kind of swim in those darker colors of life. And we start pondering questions.


How to switch to brighter mood, into the colors of the rainbow?

The rainbow is the ultimate symbol of transformation. It begins to form during the darkest of times and acts as a back end, guiding us to the path we are following. 

Sometimes we need to let things take their own time to bring us to another place. And while we are in that oppression, we have to maintain our mindset. Remember that a rainbow always shows up after the rain; we need to think of it as a guide in these moments where we subconsciously and consciously welcome the change. And the change cannot be forced. It has to come from within us. 

So, in life, it is crucial to evaluate all the colors from time to time—work, home, friendship and, most importantly, love. Love towards yourself.

The things and people that occupy your time have a significant impact on your mind and your life. 

Papaya and Pika




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