Wearable Attitude For Those Who Know Who They Are

Wearable Attitude For Those Who Know Who They Are

Couple of words from our Founder; Ana Sneeringer 

"Live your life as you feel is best for you"

Today is an emotional day for me. Not emotional where I cry but inspirational where I jump from joy because I am pleased that I got a courage to launch myself in this new venture full of competition.

Today I am celebrating a launch of a new online shop, PAPAYA AND PIKA.

I am an artist who paints attitude through female portraits and I have lived attitudes ever since. You might think I am an arrogant human because I talk about attitude; it's not about that. Well, what it is is having a positive mental filter through which I experience the world I live. Sure there are days I complain, but my outcome always looks towards positivity.

So I started this wearable attitude in 2019 under my name, Ana Sneeringer. And from the beginning I felt I can't have my art merch next to my art. It just felt awkward. So, I had to part my wearable art away from my professional artist practice. So, that's how I've established Papaya and Pika in 2021 and slowly introduced the brand name through my art name to the public.

And today I celebrate the birth of this new amazing platform that will bring together people who love to learn who they are through being themselves in expressing their attitude through the clothing or home decor. 

WELCOME to our world. 


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