Papaya And Pika was created to support women with knowledge and passion for life. The concept of the store is to instill courage to every woman around the globe to follow her passion and to be ultimately herself. 

We understand how hard is to speak your mind and be yourself in the midst of the life rollercoasters. Some days are great, some bad but that still shouldn't stop you from being yourself. Ww think you should be the art no-one understands except you. 

Papaya and Pika was established in 2021 by artist Ana Sneeringer. The collection of wearable art had been present on Ana Sneeringer's website since 2019 under her artist name. In 2021 she decided that PAPAYA AND PIKA deserve their own space for spreading the joy of attitude with STRONG and SIMPLE merchandise to empower other women through clothing and products that make life more powerful.