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  • blue long cotton scarf with digital print
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  • blue scarf with digital print of na woman wrapped as a turban on a woman's head
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ABOVE THE BAR - Cotton Voile Scarf

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Girl, we must always set the bar high, otherwise, we do not progress. I am here to preach that if you raise your standards the universe will meet you there.

Sometimes the smallness of our society and culture makes us feel invisible. We tend to make things we don’t want to be noticed. We are being someone else for society in order to be recognized instead of being ourselves. A lot of women feel they can’t lead the life they deserve so they follow the crowd and seek appreciation from others instead of being themselves.
Above The Bar - cotton voile scarf’s story is from the Dominican Republic where women’s rights by law are equal to men’s, but women in the Dominican Republic suffer from many forms of discrimination and social exclusion. Even though literacy and primary education enrollment levels in the Dominican Republic are relatively high for both women and men, women are significantly underrepresented in the job market. Many women are subject to domestic violence or to severe limitations of their possibilities for social interaction and movement at the hands of their husbands or long-term partners.

240 cm x 105 cm / 94.4" x 41.3"

Above the bar scarf is made out of cotton voile fabric. Voile is a soft, sheer fabric, made of 100% cotton. It is a thinner thread and has a very soft drape that's almost silk-like. It's a lot like I imagine hugging a cloud would be. Lighter colors can even seem a bit translucent.

Cotton voile is a perfect option for casual clothes. I bet you there are high chances of you using this scarf in evening wear because it does look dressy enough compared to all the other dressy fabrics. Apart from evening wear, it is one of the best materials for everyday wear: after all, cotton is hypoallergenic, which means it is great with sensitive skin.

It can be your sarong for the beach or a body wrap for a chilly night, a winter scarf around the neck, or a piece of statement as a head wrap. Either or you decide to wear it or just hang it on the wall it will be your unique bold style.

Wash it by hand, using a gentle detergent made for fine fabrics and hand washables.

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